About Us

Our courses are structured in blocks of 13 weeks.

Each year is made up of 4 blocks.  Each block starts with the most basic structures for that level.  Each week builds on the previous weeks to help you improve your English in a progressive way.

Although our courses are pre-planned, adaptability is very important to us.  We will adapt our lessons to cover common mistakes we see during feedback as well as learners’ questions and comments.

Collaboration is another one of our core tenets, both collaboration between teachers and learners, and among the community of learners.  Our lessons take a mixed approach, some lessons are grammar based, some are vocabulary based, others are more functional (asking for things in a shop, introducing yourself etc).

We will cover listening, writing, speaking and reading as well as pronunciation.

Listenings will include real conversations as well as lessons.

Writing will be practised in both short and long form with story-writing, completing homework and interacting on Facebook.

Speaking will take the form of learners recording themselves performing tasks and uploading them for feedback.

Reading materials will be both prepared by the teachers and authentic texts chosen by the learners.

We are:

We would love to hear from you on our Facebook page if you have any comments or questions.